KB522: Zephyr - Running 10 Locomotives at a time

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Q:  I want to buy the Zephyr. I have read the manual, read articles on the Tech Support Depot, but I still find it confusing.

So, here's my question: Can you run multiple trains at the same time with the Zephyr, without additional throttles, each locomotive performing a different task, and if so, am I right in assuming that this can be done by punching in the locomotive address, adjusting the throttle and direction, and when I punch in another address, the previous locomotive will keep on doing whatever it was doing until I punch its number again and change the settings, and so on for any additional locomotive.

I can, in theory, run 10 locomotives at the same time, just by (let's say I'm very fast) punching in each address and adjusting the settings one after the other, and while I' m setting one, the other 9 will just keep on running according to each last setting (providing they don't crash first)?

A: Yes, theoretically you could.  The only "fly in the ointment" is that the Zephyr is a 2.5 amp booster that does not have enough electrical capacity to run 10 locomotives without adding another booster.


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