KB52: BDL168 - Is a Heatsink Necessary?

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The BDL168 does not require a heatsink to operate efficiently, however, large scale operations may generate higher heat levels with the BDL168 and you can make your own to add to the unit.

The BDL168 design does not include a provision for a heatsink.

There is not a kit available for adding on a heatsink, but you can make your own if you believe it necessary for your system.

The following drawing will provide the correct measurements to produce a heatsink that will slip in between the two rows of rectifiers on the BDL168 Circuit Board.

This will raise the current handling capacity but we do not know by how much.

Cut the heatsink from .05” thick aluminum or brass sheet stock, drill the four holes and round the top two corners.

Insert the heat sink between the two rows of rectifiers, being careful not to damage the circuit board when inserting the heatsink.

Insert a ¾” #6 bolt through each set of rectifiers and tighten the nut on the other side.

The rectifiers should be held flat against the heatsink, but do not overtighten the bolts.

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