KB517: Swapping front & rear headlights

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Q: My front and rear lights on a steam locomotive (hard wired decoder installation) are connected in reverse.

When the locomotive is going forward, the back up light comes on. When the locomotive is going in reverse, the forward light comes on.

Can I reverse the lighting effects though programming the decoder or must I disassemble the locomoitve and physically swap the wiring to the lights from the decoder.

A: Yes, you can do this with using function mapping in any Digitrax decoder Series 3 or later.

If you have an earlier version decoder installed, you'll need to re-wire the lights or swap the motor connections.

To remap the headlight functions, use CVs 33(F0-Fwd) and 34(F0-Rev).

Program CV33 to 002 and Program CV34 would to 001.

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