KB516: Two Zephyrs

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I have a large oval layout with a view divider down the middle.

I have two Zephyr units, one on each side of the divided layout.

I don't have separate power districts (do I need to?).

Can I run both Zephyrs?

What do you suggest as to wiring the two Zephyrs?

The easiest thing would be to divide your railroad into halves, with one Zephyr located on each side of the view block.

Both rails would be insulated at both intersection points with the viewblock.

One Zephyr would be the command station while the other Zephyr would be used as a booster and a throttle.

You would need to connect the two Zephyrs with LocoNet cable.

Please see the related articles about setting Zephyr up as a booster and making LocoNet connections.

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