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Note: Zephyr (DCS50) has been superseded by Zephyr Xtra (DCS51) which is available in an EU version that comes with the appropriate power supply.  This article only applies to the original Zephyr (DCS50)

Q: I´m a foreign model railroader, and I want to buy a Zephyr without power pack.

The instruction manual says that I can use a 18 Volt DC trafo in order to power the Zephyr.

Can you suggest a way to connect a Zephyr DCS 50 to German current (220/50)?

A:  In the North American market, Digitrax recommends the use of a dedicated PS315 power supply or equivalent for use with the DCS50.

The PS315 output is rated at 15V AC RMS 60HZ and allows up to 3 Amps to enable correct operation of the unit.

A power supply for your market would reduce local line current to the same specifications.

Maximum Input: 2.5 Amps, 15 Volts RMS AC, 50/60HZ, 37.5 VA continuous.

DO NOT exceed 16V RMS AC, 50/60HZ or 22VDC input.

A DC supply of 12 - 18VDC and 3 Amps can also be used, and will ensure correct track voltage.

If using a DC power supply, the 2mm connector needed would have the "+" connection in the center of the connector, with the outside of the connector being the "-" pole of the power supply.

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