KB510: DT400 Series - Throttle Clicks

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Q: I have a Digitrax DT400 throttle. The left speed knob accelerates the locos at one speed unit per "click". However the right knob accelerates at three speed units per "click". How can I change the right knob to one unit per click?

There is not a way to change the clicks to one per unit. Each rotation of a throttle knob on the DT400 series throttle generates 24 clicks.  Digitrax supports 14, 28 and 128 speed step operation in decoders; each click on a DT400 series throttle knob is related proportianally to the number of speed steps used by the decoder. So, for a 128 speed step decoder each click is approxiamtely 5.33 speed steps.

Perceived throttle response is also affected by loadable speed tables and whether you have ballistic or straight line tracking enabled.

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