KB507: SE8C - Signals On Non-DCC Layouts

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Q: I would like to know about SE8C and signals on non-DCC layouts.

A:  The SE8c is a signal driver for your layout. You can operate signals manually with any LocoNet Throttle and Command Station. Or, in your case, the SE8c can drive signals automatically with detection and compatible computer software such as RailRoad & Co. or JMRI.

You will need detection devices to identify the presence of trains, a computer interface such as the PR3, a computer program supplying the signaling logic and the SE8c driving the signal heads themselves.

Note that in a LocoNet environment, the SE8C supports detection: DS01 to DS08 are inputs from occupancy detectors that provide at least +5V (max 22V) when occupied, and 0V when unoccupied. The SE8C sends occupancy messages to LocoNet when these inputs change. If these detection section inputs are not connected, they will report “unoccupied”.

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