KB5: DN163A1 - Function Outputs

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The DN163A1 is set up at the factory to control six functions.

The unit is prewired with two golden-white LEDs set up for directional lighting as F0F/F0F+ for the front light and F0R/F0R+ for the rear light.

Functions F1 (Green), F2 (Violet), F3 (Brown) and F4 (White/Yellow) can be used by soldering a wire from the pad for the function you wish to use to the lamp (or other function) you wish to control.

The wire colors indicated are the standard color code used in the industry (you can use any color you like).

These colors are important if you plan to use function remapping.

CAUTION: When adding function wires, be very careful that the wires you add do not come into contact with any other pads or components on the board where they might create a short circuit, damage the board and void the warranty. All six function outputs can be easily set up with Digitrax FX3 lighting effects or as standard on/off functions with the following operational qualifiers:

Forward or Reverse direction of travel, or

Whether F0 is on or off, or

Both direction of travel and whether F0 is on or off, or

Whether the locomotive is stopped or moving.

If you are using this article as a reference for your existing or older DN163A1 and this diagram

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