KB488: PM42 - Programming Op Switches with a Zephyr (DCS50 or DCS51)

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How do I program the PM42 Op Switches with a DCS50 (Zephyr) throttle?

The PM42 OpSw settings are used to set up the PM42, adjusting the trip current, short circuit management (including sensitivity), and/or auto-reversing.

: The factory default setting on all PM42 OpSw's is “thrown” or “t”.

Follow the steps outlined below to program the OpSw settings of the PM42 using the keypad of a Digitrax Zephyr.

Connect the PM42 to the Digitrax Zephyr with a standard LocoNet cable.

Connect the PM42 to an external power source; Digitrax recommends the PS14.

Note: Before entering Switch Mode make sure to set all trains to zero speed.

Enter option switch mode by pressing, and holding for approximately 1 second, the “OPTION” button (the button behind the red led).

The green “ID” led and the red “OPTION” led will flash alternating to indicate that you have entered option switch mode.

Several attempts to entering option switch mode may be necessary.

Enter switch control mode by pressing the Switch Key.

: The last switch address selected by the Zephyr throttle will be displayed followed by a “c” or “t”.

The Switch Indicator Dot is lit to remind you the Zephyr is in Switch Mode.

Use the numeric keypad to enter the OpSw you want to change.

Press the c/- key to set the Op Switch closed or the t/+ key to set the Op Switch thrown.

: Repeat steps 5 and 6 as necessary.

7. Exit switch control mode by pressing the Exit Key.

Exit PM42 OpSw programming mode press the “OPTION” button.

Power cycle the PM42.

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