KB475: DT400 Series Throttle - Operations Mode Read-Write

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Q:  How can I write and read the Configuration Variables of Mobile Decoder on the mainline using the DT40x Throttle?

A:  Operations Mode Programming, also known as Ops Mode, lets you program a locomotive decoder's CVs while it is on the main line.

With the addition of transponding in Ops Mode, you can write and read back CVs in DCC locomotives equipped with most modern decoders while they are on the mainline. Some older decoders before Extended Packet Format was used are not able to do this.

For example: A typical use for Ops mode programming would be to adjust an engines speed control settings.

The DT40x can use Operations Mode Programming to change the CV value of ANY CV, including 2 and 4 digit addresses.

The following chart describes the steps for programming a mobile decoder using Operations Mode Programming.

: To read back a mobile decoder's CV values while it is on the mainline using Operations Mode Programming, Transponding must be working on the mainline track where the loco is sitting.  The minimum equipment configuration for Transponding to enable Ops Mode Read Back is a BDL168 (block occupancy detection module) with a minimum of 1 RX1 (Transponding receiver) set up to provide transponding on the track section where the mobile decoder is located.


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