KB462: Hex Display & Decimal Display - DT400 Series Throttles

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All CV values except for 2 digit and 4 digit addresses can be displayed as either decimal or hexadecimal numbers by the DT400.

When you are using the L Throttle knob to browse through CVs 002 through 255, you will use the R Throttle knob to set the CV value you want to program.

By default, the DT400 displays the CV values as decimal numbers 000-255 (nnn).

To view the numbers as hexadecimal simply press the R throttle knob and you will see the CV value change to the hex equivalent of the decimal. Hex numbers are displayed as xnn. For example the decimal value of 006=the hex value x06. The decimal value 011= x0B.

The ability to toggle between decimal and hex effectively gives you an instant conversion table.

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