KB453: DT402 & DT400 - Low Battery Power Indicator

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While it is running as a tetherless throttle, the DT402 and DT400 R and D versions automatically check the power available to the throttle each time a battery is inserted and each time it is plugged into or unplugged from LocoNet.

The battery's voltage will be displayed in the text area of the throttle briefly each time the throttle is plugged in or is unplugged from LocoNet.

When you plug in to LocoNet the number displayed will be the power provided by LocoNet. This value will be between 9 & 15 volts.

Other characters will also be displayed in the LCD depending on which locos are selected and their speed and direction.


When you insert a battery or unplug from LocoNet, the value displayed will be the battery power.

When this number is less than 6.2 V you may want to consider changing the battery.

The throttle will continue to operate reliably for an extended period of time depending on the type battery is in use.

9 volt alkaline batteries are nearing the end of their life at 6.8 volts, but 7.2 volt NiCad rechargeable batteries may still have lots of life remaining. 

Battery Replacement When the battery is not supplying enough power to run your throttle in tetherless mode, the throttle displays “Idle”.

When this happens, plug in to LocoNet and complete any tasks you had in progress (that's why even the radio throttles have a short cord for plugging in to LocoNet).

Loco addresses selected on your throttle will continue running until you plug in and bring them to a stop.

Loco addresses selected will not be “lost” if the battery begins to go flat.

Install a fresh battery and then you can unplug again and resume tetherless operation.

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