KB413: Power and Control Bus Wiring

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I still don't understand the bus stuff. Wires come from the command or booster and run under the track layout and have feeders coming off. I understand these feeders connect to the track. Where do you connect the wires coming from the power source? (ie: Zephyr) Is there a particular place on the track layout it is to connect to?

The power connection for the command station and boosters is directly between the power supply and these units.  It is not connected to the track!  Please see the diagram below:

In this case, the Zephyr is the Command Station and Booster as one unit; the power is supplied to the Zephyr via the barrel connector on the back:

The track power connections are made from the terminals marked "Rail A" and "Rail B".  If your system requires more power than the Zephyr can supply, you will need to divide your railroad up into power districts; the Zephyr will provide command signal and power to one of these districts and the additional boosters will handle their own individual power district.  Each booster will have its own power bus, which provides power to its power district.

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