KB407: SE8C Signal Controller Address Ranges for Signals and Other LocoNet Devices

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The SE8C uses switch addresses to operate the signals, so you may need to change some factory settings to make it work in conjunction with turnouts that are already installed on your layout.

Be sure that when you configure the SE8C that the switch address ranges you select to operate the signals do not conflict with other devices, like DS64s, that are already installed.

We strongly recommend that you keep accurate documentation of the address ranges used to control all devices on the layout to avoid conflicts that might cause problems. Without this record it can be very difficult to debug problems.

The factory default setting for the SE8C’s Board ID is “01” which will control as many as 8 slow motion turnout machines using switch addresses Sw01 to Sw08 and 32, 4-aspect signal heads using the signal switch addresses Sw257 through Sw320 (64 consecutive switch addresses).

Setting the Board ID is the only way to change the range of switch addresses used to control slow motion turnouts with the SE8C.

Signal switch addresses can be changed from the factory settings using Option Switch 17.

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