KB40: DT402D - Joining Your Throttle to the Duplex Group

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Join Your Throttle to the Duplex Group

. Connect a DT402D Duplex Radio Throttle with an installed battery to the front RJ12 jack of the UR92 for about 2 seconds.

Disconnect the DT402D from the LocoNet jack. The DT402D will briefly display an 8 character Duplex Group name and the Channel number being used by the UR92 Group. The actual Duplex Group name is not important at this point, it is simply used by the DT402D to join this Duplex group on its particular Duplex channel (#11 through #26).

Now that the DT402D has joined the Duplex group, it can be operated wirelessly as if it was connected by wires to the LocoNet system. See the DT402D manual for instructions if you are unfamiliar with the following.

Use the DT402D throttle to select one of the locomotives on your system. The UR92’s GREEN “radio” LED will blink simultaneously to show that good duplex RF messages are being received. If the RF transmissions are not acknowledged by the UR92, the DT402D will blink its white “flashlight” LED to show there is a problem. This would typically indicate a range or interference issue. (See troubleshooting section.)

DT402Ds remember the last joined Duplex Group, even if the batteries are removed, so when re-powered they will automatically wirelessly rejoin this particular Group if it is within duplex radio range.

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