KB37: UR92 - Adding More UR92's

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Adding UR92s will provide better signal coverage for complex layouts.

If you are adding more than one UR92, be sure to connect all of the units before changing the Duplex Group name or channel number or you will have the units automatically re-negotiate these values with each addition.

Add the UR92(s) to your LocoNet. (See UR92 Installation articles, below.)

After adding extra UR92s, use the DT402D to turn OFF layout track power and then turn track power back ON. This forces all the UR92s to automatically negotiate a common and permanent single Duplex Group name and channel number. (Your Group name may change with each UR92 addition.)

 Plug the DT402Ds into LocoNet so they can update to use the newly negotiated Duplex Group name and channel.

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