KB361: Can I mix UP5s with UR92 Duplex, UR91 Simplex and UR90 Infrared panels?

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Q:  Can I mix UP-5s with Radio and IR panels? I want to upgrade slowly and still use the 400 throttles and the UT throttles while I mail them in to you one at a time for conversion to radio.

A:  Yes, and you can continue to use the UP5's after conversion to radio; for instance, if you have visitors who bring their own Digitrax non-radio throttles. That's the real genius of LocoNet, since you can add to your railroad in any way. Note that you will need to plug in your throttle to LocoNet initially to select the locomotive before you disconnect and go to infrared or simplex radio control. This can be done either at the UP5 or UR90 or UR91 panels.  With duplex radio, you do not have to plug in to select a locomotive.

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