KB36: UR92 - Setting the Duplex Group Name

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Setting Duplex Group Name

You can use the DT402D to edit the UR92’s Duplex Group name to one you prefer.

Note that this change is optional, and the UR92 factory default will always work out of the box.


The Duplex Group Name is stored in non-volatile memory and is remembered even when unpowered or disconnected from your system.


You should have all UR92s connected prior to changing the Group name or they will automatically renegotiate and may change the preferred name to a default. 

Connect the DT402D or DT500D to the front RJ12 jack of any UR92 on the LocoNet

On the DT402D/DT500D press the “opTN” key and then the “EDIT” key.

The 8 character Duplex Group name will now appear in the display center.

Use the R Throttle knob to change the first character value. It will blink as it is changed. When the desired character seen, use the Left throttle knob to move across and select a character to modify

Press the “ENTER” key to update the current displayed characters as the new UR92 Duplex Group name. To skip making any changes, simply press the “EXIT” key.

After changing the Duplex Group name, any other Duplex equipped throttles will need to rejoin to use this new Group.

: As long as Duplex Group name is unique, it is generally possible to run dozens of different layouts on the same channel number.

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