KB344: PM42 - Programming

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On Page 9 of the instructions (under 5.0 Op Sw Set Up) I am to connect my DT400 throttle to my powered PM42 . . . 1.

Does “powered” mean having the PS-14 power supply to the PM42 connected and energized?


We took another look at the documentation and it means that the PM42 should be operating with its own power supply.

What you are doing is using the DT400 to program the internal controls of the PM42; to do so would require that the PM42 be in its operating state, thus the power supply.

The DT400 is merely the programming device in this situation.

And, to reiterate another issue, it is important that the PM42 be powered with its own power supply; this is done because of timing issues that may occur when using a common power source for several devices.

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