KB333: What is Status Editing?

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Status Editing - a DCC decoder's status can be manually changed by a Digitrax command station at any time the decoder is selectable.

Speed steps are the increments of motor voltage that a locomotive's mobile decoder produces.

Most DCC decoders can operate in 14, 28 or 128 speed steps.

In some cases, older decoders operate only in 14 steps.

You also may find that it is better to adjust the number of speed steps used by a particular decoder.

Digitrax uses status editing to change how the command station communicates with an individual decoder.

Our systems power up with the assumption that all decoders on your railroad will be operating in 128 step mode.

If you have an older 14-step decoder, it will not run on your Digitrax operated railroad until that locomotive's address is status edited to 14-step mode.

Once programmed, the system will retain that setting unless you do a system command station reset.

In normal practice, you are unlikely to encounter 14-step locomotive decoders, but if you do, they can still be operated on your railroad.

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