KB331: Brake District Set-Up using DCS 100, DCS210 or DCS240 and a second booster

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When DCC locos enter a brake section with braking on, they will receive braking commands from the command station instead of normal DCC operating commands. DCC locos in this braking section will come to a stop. When you throw the switch to allow normal DCC commands, the DCC locos will resume normal operation. Once the DCC loco has left the brake section under normal DCC power, simply return the switch to the break position so that the next DCC loco will stop in the section. This is useful if you want to have trains stop at stations around the layout and proceed when you throw a switch or when a signal changes.


This will work with the DCS100, DCS210 or DCS240.  The graphic shows the DCS100 but the other command stations are the same.




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