KB317: Function Remapping Trix GG-1

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The Trix GG-1 is a fine die cast locomotive model which is equipped with a sound decoder.

As produced by the Trix factory in Germany, the sound functions are:

F0 Normal headlights F1 Bright headlights F2 Cab lights F3 Sound of main relay F4 Low speed switching range (switching acceleration / braking delay off) F5 Bell F6 Horn, continuous blast F7 Sound of pantograph being raised and making contact with the wire F8 Sound of blower motor F9 Sound of switching relays F10 Sound of cab radio F11 Sound of couplers F12 Sound of clickety clack railroad track Digitrax operators will note that the Function keys normally used for the horn and bell function do not correspond to their appropriate buttons.

These functions can be "remapped".

The outputs can be assigned almost at will to the available function keys.

Each function key is assigned a CV, to which an event can be assigned arbitrarily.

Figure 8 shows the combination possibilities.

A • in the chart indicates the combination of function key, CV and event as set by the factory.

This value which has to be stored in the particular CV is computed as follows:

For each function exists a column and for each function key there you can see a line in Fig. 8.

At the point where a certain line crosses the column of a desired function, you will find a value.

This value has to be stored in the appropriate CV.


You want to assign the function output AUX to the key F4.

To do so, you must write a „1“ into the CV 38.

The direction-dependent lighting can be controlled similarly.

Each of the four available function outputs LICHTV, LICHTH, AUX and REL can be set to operate differently according to the direction of travel.

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