KB31: DT402 - Throttle Start up

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1. Plug the DT402 series throttle into any functioning Digitrax LocoNet System or other LocoNet compatible system and you are ready to get started!

You can use any LocoNet jack on your system.

2. After you plug the DT402 into your LocoNet, you will briefly see the DT402 splash screen:

This screen shows the throttle type: DT402I, DT402R or DT402D and software version number.

It is displayed for a few seconds each time you power on the DT402.

The DT402D will then momentarily display the Duplex Group name and radio Channel.

Next you will see the power indicator screen.

This screen indicates the power available to the throttle.

When you are plugged in to LocoNet, this value will be between 9 & 15 volts. When you insert a battery or unplug from LocoNet, the value displayed will be the battery power available.

When this number is less than 6.2 volts it’s time to consider replacing or recharging your battery.

Please see the related article for more information about installing/replacing the batteries in your DT402.

Then you will see a screen similar to the following.

This screen displays current addresses selected on the L & R throttles along with their current speed and direction.

The functions that are turned ON for the active throttle (the one with the blinking smoke icon) are displayed across the top of the display.

If you unplug the DT402/R or D from LocoNet the display backlight will go off while it is unplugged.

It will come on again when you plug in to LocoNet again.

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