KB30: DT402 - Display Basics

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1. The DT402 handheld has two knobs called the L Throttle (Left) and the R Throttle (Right). The throttles are used for speed control, direction changes, and input of information for operation of your railroad.

The row of numbers (0-9) across the top of the display are the functions being used by the active locomotive throttle.

The larger numbers in the middle of the screen indicate the speed of the locomotives being controlled by the throttles.

The numbers at the bottom of the display are the locomotive addresses, and correspond to the digital decoder that is in each locomotive.

There are two locomotives located in the lower corners of the display, one for the L Throttle and one for the R Throttle. Blinking smoke above the locomotive indicates which throttle is currently active.

There are Direction Indicators (arrow heads) located under each locomotive which indicate the direction of travel for each locomotive. The arrows indicate whether the locomotive is moving forward or reverse, not the direction of travel on the track.

The function numbers and text information displayed on the display screen is for the active throttle. Keypad entries control functions for the active throttle.

The current mode of operation is shown in center of the bottom line of the display. The normal operating mode is Fn or Function Mode for running trains. In this mode, the throttle knobs and direction keys control the speed and direction of the locos. The Y/+ and N/- Keys can also be used to increase or decrease speed. The numeric keypad is used for direct access to functions.

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