KB284: I tried to program an SFX0416 with my PR2 and the sounds did not "Take".

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Q. I tried to program an SFX0416 with my PR2 and the sounds did not "Take".

I clicked the big green "Program" button and after the initial buzzing for about 15 seconds, nothing further happened and now the unit makes no sounds.

I am using a Compaq XP-home 1.5GHz laptop with SoundLoader version 1.16.

How can I fix this?

The most likely issue is that you are using the earlier SoundLoader version 1.16, which was not configured for full support of 16M bit flash sound memories, such as those used in the recently released SFX0416.

SoundLoader was updated in late 2007 by Version 1.17 for 16Mbit memory support, such as with the SFX0416.
SoundLoader version 1.17 or later can be downloaded from the Digitrax Web site.

We encourage you to use the most current version of this program.

If for some reason you want to continue using version 1.16 (or earlier ), operate the manual buttons in this order: Erase > Program SDF > Program WAV to successfully program the sound project into your SFX0416 .

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