KB280: Matching Speeds inside a consist

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How do I get all the engines of a consist to run at the same speed?

I have 3 engines with DH163A0 decoders and one with a MRC sound decoder.

All units have the same top speed, but the unit with the MRC decoder starts and accelerates more quickly.

Getting a group of locomotives to operate at the same speed can be a challenge.

Experience has proven that it is best to work with the slowest locomotive and bring the other locomotives into agreement with that engine.

Since the others appear to be in general agreement, it would be the speedy sound equipped locomotive that needs attention.

In particular, the starting voltage setting (CV02) and then the midrange setting (CV06) would need adjustment.

You may also need to adjust the locomotive's acceleration rate (CV03).

Because the MRC sound equipped locomotives have certain issues, you will probably need to program the locomotive in OPS Mode.

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