KB268: Powering the SE8C

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What are the power requirements of a SE8C?

Any power supply that can provide 12-15 volts either AC or DC with a minimum current rating of 100 ma is all that is necessary to power a single SE8c.

Digitrax recommends the PS14 for powering the SE8c.

A single PS14 has the ability to power two SE8c’s.

When connecting multiple SE8c’s to a single power source the total maximum current requirement of the power source is computed by multiplying the number of SE8c modules by 100 ma (Example: 3 SE8c’s would require a 300 ma power supply - 3x100=300).

The edge connector contact points for applying power to the SE8c are Pins 3 and C.

Note: Polarity (DC power) or phasing (AC power) of the input power is not an issue as the SE8c uses a full bridge rectifier that automatically corrects the polarity and phasing of the input power.

Please note:
The PS12 power supply has been discontinued and is replaced by the
PS14 power supply.

The PS14 is a plug compatible replacement for the PS12 (Any Digitrax product that used a PS12 can safely use the PS14.)

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