KB246: DS64 - Multiple Output Pulses

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Why does the DS64 generate multiple output pulses for a single command?

I get between 2 and 5 pulses over a period of about 2 seconds.

Option Switch 01 determines the type of turnouts that you can operate, static or pulse.

The Factory default is for "Pulse". Option Switches 02, 03, 04, and 05 set the pulse length.

OpSw 02 = Closed the pulse width is 200ms (milliseconds). OpSw 03 = Closed, the pulse width is 400ms.

OpSw 04 = Closed, the pulse width is 800ms.

OpSw 05 = Closed, the pulse width is 1600ms.

All, or any combination of these OpSw switch values can be combined to create pulse widths from 200 milliseconds (ms) to 3000 ms (3 seconds) in length.

It appears that one or more of the DS64's option switches have been closed, leading to the longer pulse time.

These OPSw's will need to be manually reset.

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