KB245: DS64 - Kadee Uncoupler

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I was wondering if I could use an output on the DS64 to momentarily apply power to a Kadee #309 electric uncoupler?

OpSw 02, 03, 04, &05 closed would give me a 3 second pulse.

The Kadee uncoupler may require as much as 3 Amps @ 22 Volts.

So, what is the current carrying capacity of the outputs on the DX64
[sic] ?

What is the maximum DC voltage I can apply to terminals AX1 and AX2?

The DS64 can accept 12-16 volts AC or DC on the rear modular jack or 12-16 volts DC on the  AX1 (-) / AX2(+) inputs.

The unit is configured for a Capacitive discharge when running as a pulse output, and can deliver about 4 amps for a short period from current stored in the internal capacitor.

If you need 3 secs for the Kadee uncoupler then this will be a problem as the output current falls off, but you could use a DS64 output for e.g. 3 secs to trip an e.g. 12V DC relay and then switch the higher current you may need using this relay's contact set.

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