KB218: Downloading and Installing Complete Sound Projects Created By Other Users

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To get the most out of your SoundFX decoders you'll need an internet connection in order to get to the Sound Depot website (digitrax.com/sounddepot).

For the casual user, access to the Sound Depot site will let you download new Project files that other users have customized.

So if you want to change your loco's factory default GP38-2 sound project, and another user has previously uploaded a GP38-2 sound project file with something special, perhaps a different horn configuration, you can do it.

It's easy:

  • Just go to the Sound Depot and download the desired new sound project file or use a sound project file that was sent to you by another user
  • Make sure your PC's PR2 programmer is connected to the programming track
  • Make sure your SoundFX-equipped Locomotive is on the programming track
  • Start the SoundLoader software and open up the new sound project file
  • In SoundLoader choose "Program" and wait for the programming process to complete (usually 60-90 seconds)
  • That's it.

    You've just customized your locomotive (don't forget to e-mail that cool sound project file's creator and thank them!)

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