KB201: Case Study: Texas & Southwestern Part 10 of 11 - Operations

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A model railroad continues to be interesting if there are opportunities for growth and for operation. Extra detail can be added, scenery can be enhanced, but in the end, if the railroad is interesting to operate, it will continue to be a source of enjoyment for its owner for many years. The Texas & Southwestern has many opportunities for interesting train operations. The Texas & Southwestern is both a passenger railroad and a freight railroad.

Passenger Point to Point
Our trusty RDC (rail diesel car) allows for one train to operate in a point to point fashion. In fact, all trains operate in a point to point fashion, but because the RDC has a control cab at each end, "turning the train around" just means that the engineer gets up, removes the reverse handle and then walks to the other end of the RDC. The reverse handle goes into the control stand and then he waits for the high sign from the conductor. The Santa Fe only had two RDC's, which initially ran in Los Angeles - San Diego service. In our imaginary world, DC192 ended up in Dallas.

DC192 stops at Skillman on the way to Dallas after leaving Manville

Passenger Out & Back
Other longer passenger trains leave Dallas, make several laps around the railroad and then return to Union Station.

Santa Fe PA Number 52 leads a small passenger train out of the Union Station.

It continues around the inner loop and crosses over onto the outer loop.

The train will continue several laps before it crosses onto the return loop.

Eventually, Santa Fe 52 and train enters the reverse loop.

And home.

Way freight Likewise, there are opportunities for freight trains also. Here, a way freight drops off and picks up cars at an interchange with the Fort Worth & Denver City.

The caboose is dropped off and the Geep swings into the clear.

Four freight cars are dropped off at the interchange.

Four new cars are picked up and the Geep again swings into the clear.

The cab is picked up and our way freight continues on.

A brief stop at Skillman to handle the paperwork and our train continues on.

Freight Continuous Running And if you just want to watch the trains run, the Texas & Southwestern has plenty of opportunity.


Many thanks to Mr. Riley O'Connor for sharing the Texas & Southwestern with us!

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