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This program allows monitoring of LocoNet message traffic and operations. It is available on our downloads page as a ZIP file and is provided for Digitrax customer convenience. This utility is provided on an as-is basis for users with Windows based machines configured to work with this software, and the ability to perform the setup and operation tasks detailed below. Techsupport is not configured to diagnose issues related to operating system, hardware, configuration or other possible problem areas that may cause problems with running these utilities.


This program allows monitoring of LocoNet message traffic and operations.

Copy this DigMon101.exe file to a convenient Windows Folder on your PC that you can run from.

Connect the PC to LocoNet via:


  • a PR3 (USB-> Com)
  • or MS100 (COM port)

Start the DigMon101 program, and use the "Portsetup" menu to select the correct LocoNet port that is connecting the PC to LocoNet. [If using an MS100, select a 16457 bit rate, most other units ignore this setting.]


d) The monitor screen can be used to watch LocoNet message traffic and help diagnose issues on a working LocoNet based system.

This Digitrax copyrighted (c) utility and software is provided on a free non-commercial basis with no warranties expressed or implied for Digitrax customers to use on their layouts. All rights reserved.

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