KB19: Case Study: Texas & Southwestern Part 4 of 11 - Track Plan

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In response to a request, here is a semi-official track plan of the Texas & Southwestern:

The railroad uses Kato Unitrack:

  • 249mm radius curves
  • 282mm radius curves
  • Seven #4 Right turnouts, configured to be "non current routing"
  • Five #4 Left turnouts, configured to be "non current routing"
  • Two 90° crossings
  • A variety of straight tracks, including the 20-091 Short Track Assortment
  • Three 20-050 Adjustment Tracks
  • Several 24-818 Terminal joiners to supply power to the railroad and to connect the AR1 to the reversing segment
  • Insulated Unijoiners were used to define the reversing segment.

Alert readers will note that the tracks do not seem to align up properly. In practice, these minor misalignments can be worked out without problem. The Adjustment Tracks can also be used to correct minor misalignment.

Many thanks to Mr. Riley O'Connor for sharing the Texas & Southwestern with us!

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