KB179: Zephyr - Q&A, DCS50 as a Booster

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If a Zephyr has been switched to run as a booster/throttle (no command function), can it still be used to program locomotives on the programming track?

No, when using the DCS50 as a booster, the programming outputs are disabled.

Programming is a function of the command station only, so when the Zephyr is toggled to booster mode, it loses the programming function.

If a Zephyr has been switched to run as a booster, does the throttle still work?

Yes, but you must assign an unique throttle ID to the Zephyr which is acting as a booster.

Assigning Throttle Identities

To assign a throttle ID:

Using the throttle for which you want to set the ID, Press the PROG key.

Press MU. Display shows “id00”

Use the DCS50’s keypad to enter a unique number for the throttle. You may choose any number from 00 to 63. It is useful to label the back of the unit the the throttle ID assigned to it to prevent duplication of throttle IDs.

Press EXIT to return to normal operations.

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