KB150: Turntable Control

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I have an old Diamond Scale turntable; this turntable uses a rotary switch to select which stall or track you want to align the table with.

It is basically a closed connection, or relay connection to select the track you want.

I was wondering if it was possible to use the DS64 to create a closed connection (relay output) to activate this connection for the turntable position.

Basically I want a relay output from the DS64 to be addressed by my DT400.

Using throttle control

This should be fairly easy, but not in the way that you envision it.

The DS64 is designed to operate turnouts and flashing lights.

To get the control that you want, it seems easier to use a mobile decoder that has enough power capacity to handle the electrical consumption of the turntable motor.

You would assign that decoder an unusual address so that there is no accidental operation of the turntable.

Then call up the turntable with your throttle and and use the speed knob to select which direction and speed of the turn.

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