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KB1043: Notes on IPL updating DT402 Throttles to R2

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Notes on IPL updating DT402 Throttles to R2

DT402 throttles can be updated to R2 using any compatible PC connection, including the DCS240 and PR3.  Always make sure you are using the latest version of DigiIPL to update your hardware.

When updating DT402D throttles the RF24 module must also be updated to the latest RF24 firmware.

After updating the DT402s to R2 it is recommended that you reset the throttle to factory default.

If you encounter any issue updating your DT402 throttle, the IPL update process can be repeated to resolve any issues.  Occasionally running the update twice or 3 times may be required.  If your throttle gets stuck displaying “IPL run” or several dim gray squares on the screen, remove the battery and disconnect from LocoNet to reset the throttle.  Wait a few minutes and try the IPL process again. 

NOTE: When using DT402 R2 firmware with DCS240 and other expanded slot capable command stations.  The DT402 can only access expanded slots when IR and RF1 are turned off in throttle options.  Factory Default for R2 throttles sets these features to OFF.  You may need to turn these options back ON to use a DT402R in radio mode, or any other throttle in IR mode.  However, when these are turned on you will not have access to expanded slots.

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