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KB1038: DT402D throttle flashes the display as normal then fades and continues to reset when using DCS240

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When I plug in a DT402D throttle to LocoNet using a DCS240 as my Command Station, it flashes the display as normal then fades and continues to reset.

Make sure you have a charged battery installed in your DT402D.  The DT402D is attempting to power on the RF24 radio in the throttle and register with the UR92.  Without a battery it cannot draw enough power from LocoNet to complete this procedure.

If you plan to use your DT402D as a tethered throttle it is recommended that you use throttle options to turn off the throttles duplex radio capabilities.  Press OPTN and scroll to “DuplexRF”, change to OFF with the N/- key, press ENTER to save the setting.

It should also be noted that this problem will only occur when a UR92 is connected to LocoNet.  If no UR92 is connected the DT402D will connect to LocoNet as a tethered throttle without a battery.

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