KB1034: AR1 autoreversing with the Zephyr Xtra

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When using an AR1 with the Zephyr Xtra, we suggest you change Option Switch 18 to Closed (OPSw18='c').  Option Switch 18 extends the DCS51 booster short circuit shutdown time from 1/8 to 1/2 second.  By increasing this Option Switch setting to 1/2 second, this allows the AR1 to change the track polarity before the DCS51 booster reacts to the momentary short caused when the train passes over the reversing section gaps.


To change Option Switch 18, do the following:




Press 1

Press 8

Press c (CV-WR, lower right)

Press EXIT


You will still have to adjust the Tunable Trip Current Adjustment (TTC) on the AR1 for proper operation.



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