KB1021: DS51K1 compatibility with Kato Turnouts

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The Digitrax DS51K1 Stationary Decoder is for use with single coil Kato powered turnouts only.  These turnout include the following:

20-202 N Scale #6 Left Hand Powered

20-203 N Scale #6 Right Hand Powered

20-210 N Scale Double Crossover Powered *

20-220 N Scale #4 Left Hand Powered

20-221 N Scale #4 Right Hand Powered

20-222 N Scale #2 Wye Powered

2-860 HO Scale #6 Left Hand Powered

2-861 HO Scale #6 Right Hand Powered

2-850 HO Scale #4 Lef Hand Powered

2-851 HO Scale #4 Right Hand Powered

* The 20-210 Double Crossoever requires a total of 4 DS51K1 stationary decoders for proper operation. Program the decoders to the same address.


The DS51K1 is NOT compatible with the 2-503 or 2-504 H.O. Scale DC Turnout Machines.  These turnout machines are for use with Kato manual turnouts 2-862, 2-863, 2-840 and 2-841.  These turnout machines have two coils and draw more current than the DS51K1 can provide and will damage it.  Damage caused by using the DS51K1 with these turnout machines will not be covered under warranty.

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