KB1020: RD2 wire length

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The RD2 allows Remote Sensing of 2 Detection sections.  It eliminates the need for long runs of Heavy gauge wire to the BDL168.

1. Mount the RD2 as close to the detection section as possible to keep heavy wire to a minimum.

2. Make sure both detections sections of the RD2 are connected to the same zone of the BDL168.

3. Light gauge (26AWG) wire can be used for the 3 output connections running from the RD2 back to the BDL168. The RD2 can be located up to 200' away from the BDL168.

4. Heavy gauge (18AWG) wire should be on the 3 inout connections running to the RD2 from the detetion section. The heavy gauge wire should be no longer than 25'.

5. The heavy gauge zone common can be connected to multiple RD2s.


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