KB1018: DCS100/200 as a Booster

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Many clubs use a DCS100/200 as a Booster in their setups.  Digitrax does not recommend using a DCS100/200 as a Booster only for this type of setup.  If you decide to do so, please keep this information in mind:


  • The DCS100/200 configuration is stored in memory that uses a CR2032 battery.  Over time the battery can get weak and the DCS100/200 will loose its ability to store its configuration.  When this happens, the DCS100/200 will sound 7 beeps at power up.  It will also revert back to its factory settings and once again become a Command Station.  Since LocoNet can only have one Command Station, undesirable operation will occur.
  • Before using the DCS100/200 as a Booster only, change the CR2032 battery.
  • Disconnect any connections to the Programming Track.  Crosstalk can be induced from the Rail A &B and the Prog A & B connections that again can cause undesirable operation of the DCS100/DCS200.
  • If your DCS100/200 is in a ‘DCC in a Box’ configuration, you can connect 1.5k ohm resistors between Prog A and ground & Prog B and ground.  This will eliminate the crosstalk and will not have any negative impact on programming once the DCS100/200 is once again made a Command Station.
  • Always connect a Heavy Gauge ground wire between your Command Station and all the Boosters in the system.
  • A Heavy Gauge ground wire is also needed for PM42, BDL168 and any other hardware that requires a ground.


To make a DCS100/200 into a Booster OPSw2 needs to be set to ‘c’ (closed).  Instructions for changing DSC100/200 Option Switches can be found in the manual.


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