KB10: DT402 DigiGroup Set Up - Q & A

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What is the meaning of the colored lines and bars which show up in the chart portion of the DigiGroupSetup v1.03 window after pressing the "Start Chan Scan" button?

The graphics show the peak signal and average detected while you let the scan run.

This may be useful in helping you setup your layout for best Duplex performance.

What is the "Group ID" number which is shown in DigiGroupSetup v1.03?

The Group ID is typically used in the train show environment, where there may be several wireless networks operating at the same time.

The unique Group ID allows new operators to properly join the desired network.

What is the function of the "Ping" button on the "Discover" window of DigiIPL version 1.09?

This is used to detect the presence of throttle(s); likewise, the throttle periodically “pings” the system to let the command station know that it is still part of the system.

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