Digitrax Complete Warranty Statement & Information

Digitrax gives a one year "No Worries" Warranty against manufacturing defects and accidental customer damage on many Digitrax products.  Refer to each product Instruction Sheet for specific details.

Digitax gives a 90 day warranty on accessory products against defects in materials and workmanship.

Limitation of Warranty (The Legalese)

All warranties on Digitrax products are limited to repair or replacement of Digitrax products at the discretion of Digitrax.

All warranties on Digitrax products apply to the initial retail purchaser for one year from the date of purchase from a Digitrax retail dealer only.  Proof of date of purchase (a valid sales reciept from the store) is required for warranty repairs.

Except to the extent expressly stated, there are no warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Intentional damage and customer modifications outside the scope of instructions provided with the product are not covered by this warranty.

Most of our products are not user serviceable. If a defect or accidental damage occurs, return the unit directly to Digitrax for serviceDo not return warranty items to the place of purchase since they are not equipped to perform warranty service on products.

Do not open the Command Station/Boosters (except for making voltage adjustments or changing batteries per the manuals).

Do not remove the shrink wrap protective sleeves from the Digitrax decoders. Shrink may be peeled back to expose pads for adding function wires.

Are all Digitrax items repairable?

We will attempt to repair all Digitrax items sent to us. However, in some cases, items may not be repairable. This occurs when we are no longer able to source parts for discontinued products or when items are damaged to the point that repairs are not possible.  Un-repairable items will be returned to you at no charge with no repairs made.

Only repairable items can be selected as part of the returns process, items not listed in this process are no longer repairable.

Why can some items be purchased new at less expense than the repair cost?

In some cases it is less expensive to buy a new unit than to have a non-warranty repair done.  Our repair costs are based on our actual cost to do the work and ship the product back to you. 

How long will it take to get my repair completed?

Digitrax completes all repairs on a first in - first out basis. Lead times for repair vary with current repair volume (most repairs are completed and returned to you within 2-4 weeks). Shipping times to and from our office will vary by method and distance. Please allow 7-10 days each way for shipping.

How will I know my repair has been received by Digitrax?

The best way to determine whether the repair was received by Digitrax is to use your tracking number to check with UPS or FEDEX via their web sites. Both companies track all packages and post this information on their websites for customers. For Canadian shipments, please check with Canada Post for delivery information.  Digitrax will notify you by opening a Digitrax Help Desk ticket if you provide an email address.  If you wish to check with Digitrax, please open a ticket in the Digitrax Help Desk.

Click here to visit the Digitrax Help Desk.

How will my items be returned to me?

Digitrax pays the cost of shipping the warranty/repaired items back to you.  Repaired items shipping to USA addresses valued at less than $50.00 will be returned to you by US Postal Service and all others are sent by UPS. Repairs being returned to addresses in Canada and outside the USA are sent by US Postal Service.