DT300 Advanced LocoNet Throttle

This product has been replaced by the Super Walkaround/IR Throttle (DT400) and is no longer available. Click here to view the DT400.

A compact full featured walkaround handheld.

DT300 comes with infrared LEDs and you just need to add a UR90 infrared receiver or a UR91 Universal IR/Radio receiver for low cost tetherless operation.

Discontinued in 2005.

DT300 Features:

  • Dual click encoder throttles offer the finest speed control available. The encoders can also be used to select loco addresses to run and to reverse the loco controlled by the throttle knob by double clicking the knob.

  • Multi-line backlit LCD display lets you see loco address, speed, direction, function status and more by simply glancing at your throttle!

  • Four digit operation is really simple!

  • Access to functions 0 through 8.

  • Access to switch control for controlling turnouts and other layout animation.

  • Universal Consisting, Advanced Consisting & Basic consisting.

  • 2 digit & 4 digit addressing.

  • Program decoders from your DT300.

  • No battery required when operating in the tethered walkaround mode.

  • Turnout position reporting.

  • Infra-ready! Just add UR90s for tetherless operation.

  • Fast Clock Display



Replaced by
DT400 Series Throttle

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