DB100+ 5 Amp DCC Booster with Auto Reversing

This product has been replaced by the 5 Amp DCC Command Station/Booster with Intelligent AutoReverse (DB150) and is no longer available. Click here to view the DB150.

Third Generation of the DB100, the DB100+, shipped with the Big Boy Starter set.

Retired in 1999

DB100+ Features:

    • Multi Featured Command Control Station
    • 5 amp Multi-Scale booster
    • Intelligent Auto-Reverse
    • Accepts AC or DC input
    • Over Voltage Protected
    • Auto-Resetting over teperature protection
    • Auto-Resetting over current protection for short-cicuit protection
    • LocoNet
    • Auto-Shutdown on loss of command control drive signal
    • Dual color LED indicates and diagnoses signals sent to track
    • Track OFF switch allows suspension of track power while input power is still coming in to the booster.


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