Function Type: Configurable Strobes

Configurable strobe (CS) functions can be set up to run as simple on/off or as single or double pulse strobes.  This option is available only on a few Digitrax decoders where limited code space would not allow FX or FX3 functions to be added.

The following instructions apply only to decoders with Configurable Strobe functions.

Setting Up Configurable Strobes using CV49, CV50, & CV61

Configurable strobes are set up using CVs 49, 50 and 61. Configurable strobe function leads can be programmed with a limited number of simulated lighting effects similar to FX effects but without as many options. Configurable strobes are offered in those few Digitrax decoders where there was not enough "code space" to provide full FX features.

CV49 controls F0 Forward, the white function lead. 

CV50 controls F0 reverse, the yellow function lead.

CV61 enables the configurable strobe operation.

To set up configurable strobe lights:

1. Program CV61 with the CV value "01" to enable configurable strobe operation.

2. Program the CV value for CVs 49 & 50 (the Configurable Strobe CVs) consists of 2 digits in a hex number that are determined as follows:

The first hex digit controls the conditions when the light will be active.

Configurable Strobe   (CV49 & 50)  CV Value first   digit

Light is active when


Loco is in reverse direction


Non directional function will be on in either direction


The second digit of the hex value controls the effect generated by the blinking of the light

Configurable Strobe (CV49 & 50) CV Value second digit

Configurable Strobe Effect Generated


Simulated Firebox Flicker


Simulated Mars Light


Blinking Headlight


Single Pulse Strobe


Double Pulse Strobe


Simulated Rotary Beacon


For example if you program CV49 to a value of x46 hex, the light on the white lead will be on no matter which direction the loco is traveling and will be blinking with an effect similar to a rotary beacon. Experiment and ENJOY!