Function Outputs: 6

6 function decoders support F0 Forward and F0 Reverse, F1, F2, F3 & F4.  This allows for reversing headlights and for four separate functions. or 6 separate functions if automatic reversing headlights are not used.  In most cases, these decoders do not have wires attached for all functions.  Instead they have solder pads that allow the user to attach function wires during installation.

Most Board Replacement decoders have LEDs for forward and revese lights wired to F0 Forward and F0 Reverse.  They have solder pads for additional functions that must be wired by the end user.

How functions are numbered:

F0 (FWD) White

F0 (REV) Yellow

The Blue wire is Lamp Common to allow for continuous lamp operation.

F1 Green

F2 Violet

F3 Brown

F4 White with Yellow Stripe

F5 White with Green Stripe

F6 White with Blue Stripe




and so on... are each counted as one function.  This is an industry wide convention.