UR93 Firmware

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UR93 Firmware

Aug. 31, 2021
Version: 0.1

UR93 Setup and Operation: 31Aug2021- IPL-version 1, Improved UR92 inter-operation timing margins and locking Channel and NetName.

  1. Like all Duplex units, the UR93 is configured with a unique 8 character Digitrax Duplex NetName and a RF Channel number from 11 to 25. Any Duplex throttle unit trying to access LocoNet with a particular UR93 must have exactly matching NetName and Channel number as the UR93 it is trying to use for Duplex connectivity. Any differences will break a duplex link.

  2. UR93 and UR92 units will automatically invoke a NetName and Channel resolution protocol when a LocoNet Power On <83><7C> message is seen or it is powered up. On some layouts, usages, configurations and combinations of UR93's and UR92's, if this resolution is unsuccessful the UR93 or UR92 may suddenly seem to freeze or stop working on an untethered; UT4D, UT6D, DT402D, DT500D or DT602D.

  3. To avoid connection problems, after you setup required UR93's Duplex settings to run the layout, best practice is to set OPSW11 =C to turn OFF Channel Changes and OPSW12= C to turn OFF NetName Changes. This will ensure the Duplex settings cannot be modified in operations, and the UR93 will then not be involved in NetName and Channel resolution.

  4. To subsequently edit system Channel/NetName you will need to temporarily set OPSW11/12 back to T to allow changes.

  5. A UT6D or DT602D plugged into LocoNet with UR93 and UR92 units can conveniently edit NetName, Channel and also Key settings of any units that allow changes of these settings. Press menu>3>6 and follow the prompts. You may also use the free Digitrax Duplex Setup PC application to do the same thing.

  6. Any Duplex enabled throttle plugging into LocoNet will use the first Duplex Channel and NetName received. If there are differing sequential values of these seen, it may lead to some confusion.

  7. For remote joining, or diagnostic purposes, with untethered UT6D or DT602D units you may invoke the Duplex RF Scan capability with menu>3>5, and then the soft key "Scan All". After the scan time, you will see a list of Digitrax Duplex beacons visible from UR93 and UR92 units, so you can be sure what is currently available, look for any unexpected setting changes, and also can then use a soft key to join a visible network.

  8. In a system with mixed UR92 and UR93 units, the UR93 have about 33x more transmit power and also about 33x higher receiver sensitivity and so longer beacon range. Duplex throttles track and change to beacons of the same Channels and NetName with the strongest RF signal, so most throttles will usually track the beacons of UR93 units. Duplex links are "connectionless", so a single UR93 can handle an "unlimited" number of duplex throttles' RF traffic sequentially.

  9. It is recommended that all UR93's be updated with the latest IPL on the Digitrax web site. The latest UR93 IPL version has improved legacy UR92/Duplex timing tolerances and also implements a new IPL-version number that will uniquely identify the IPL version related to the IPL date code, when using the DigiIPL II v2.9.1 downloading utility program. An IPL_ver number of 0 means the current UR93 installed firmware does NOT support IPL-version capability. Downloading the latest UR93 firmware will enable IPL-version display