New Series 6 N Scale Decoders

Digitrax, Inc. is proud to announce four new Series 6 Mobile Decoders for N & HO Scale!

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DN136D Series 6 Wired Decoder with 3 Functions                                                                              $21.00 msrp

DN136PS Series 6 Decoder Medium Plug with Short Harness with 3 Functions                                 $23.00 msrp

DN146IP Series 6 Decoder with Integrated Plug and 4 Functions                                                      $32.00 msrp

DN166PS Series 6 Decoder with Medium Plug Short Harness with 6 Functions                                  $37.00 msrp

PX112-6F Power Extender for use with DN166PS and Similar Decoders                                            $26.00 msrp

  • Series 6 Features 
  • Improved Scaleable Speed Stabilization (Back EMF).
  • FX3 outputs are optimized for either LED and incandescent bulb lighting in locomotives.
  • All FX3 outputs have configurable pulse mode available.
  • Decoder Specifications 1.0 Amp/1.5 Amp Max Current, FX3 functions-500mA total current.
  • DN166PS Includes PX Socket for plug 'n play operation with PX112-6F Power Xtender for improved operation with intermittent track power drop outs.
  • No Worries Warranty
  • Replacing various DN Series Decoders