LocoNet Cable Product Line Added

Digitrax, Inc. is proud to announce our new LocoNet Cable Product Line

Every Digitrax layout needs reliable LocoNet cables to operate.  Digitrax is now offering a full line of cabling and accessories so that you can use our ready-made and tested cables or make your own custom lengths.  LocoNet Cable products carry a 90 day warranty on materials and workmanship.

LNMCK LocoNet Cable Maker Kit     $50.00 msrp

  • Everything you need to make custom LocoNet cables also useful for replacing broken RJ12 plugs on throttles and other LocoNet components.
  • Crimper Tool for cutting cables to length and installing plugs.
  • LT1 LocoNet Cable Tester for testing cables prior to use on your layout.
  • 50’ LocoNet Cable pre-made and tested.  Can be used as is or can be cut down to custom lengths for your layout.
  • 20 Pack RJ12 Plugs for making up cables or replacing broken plugs.

Ready-Made Pre-Tested LocoNet Cables

LNC82 2 Pack 8’ LocoNet Cables         $10.00 msrp

LNC162 2 Pack 16’ LocoNet Cables     $17.00 msrp

LNC501 50’ LocoNet Cable                   $25.00 msrp

LocoNet Cable Accessories

RJ12P20 20 Pack RJ12 Plugs                                              $10.00 msrp

LNCCMC1 Coiled Cord & RJ12 Modular Adapter                  $16.00 msrp

LNMC3 3 Pack RJ12 Modular Adapters                                $10.00 msrp